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These sponsoring businesses make our
web coverage

The First State Bank
Great Northern Hotel
Malta Tire Center
First Security Bank
Art's Furniture & Carpet
  Mint Bar
Independence Bank
Malta Ready Mix
Ezzie's Wholesale Inc.
Family Matters
Kid Curry's Casino Lounge
Triangle Communications
Hardware Hank of Malta
Stretch's Pizza
Todd's Technology Store
Spare Change
A Fine Line Autobody
  Phillips County Insurance
Tilleman Motors, Havre
  Kirkwood Funeral Home
  Spencer Electric   Phillips County Hospital & Family Health Clinic
  Hi-Line Ford Inc, Glasgow  
  Robyn's Nest, Glasgow   Newton Motors, Glasgow
  Buechler Insurance Agency   Westside Self-Service & Casino
  Central Avenue Pit Crew  
Thank you for all you do!
P.O. Box 1073 Malta, MT 59538 | (406) 654-2472 | kmmrfm@itstriangle.com