What’s Happening

Here at KMMR Mustang Radio we have our What’s Happening program. It entails us on keeping up with not only local events but any events that would affect us here in rural Phillips County Montana. Most of our What’s Happenings are interviews with regular folks that want to let the public know whats going on in our area.

If you miss the airing of any What’s Happening programs no worries! Click the link below to tune in!

Monday 2/12/24 @2:30pm Tuesday 2/13/24 @2:30pm Thursday 2/15/24 @10:30am Friday 2/16/24 @4:30pm

Phillips County Farm Bureau

Rhei had an interview with Tom Depuydt about the upcoming calving seminar held by the Phillips County Farm Bureau. Dr. Katie Rein and her life size fiberglass cow, Stella with calf, will be demonstrating the 3 stages of calving with a focus on dystocia and calving difficulties.

Congressman Matt Rosendale

Rhei had an Interview with Matt Rosendale who spoke with him over the phone from his DC office, and discussed his take on what is currently happening with the incident with Iran. He also spoke about his point of view as a congressman and what seemed to be the census of his fellow representatives.