Coaches Corner

Tuesday 3/5/24 @6:05pm

Wednesday 3/6/24 @7:05pm

This week on Coaches Corner Rhei visits with Coach Hammond of the Malta M-ettes.

This week the Malta M-ettes go to Billings to play in the Class B State and the girls North Country Mavericks also go to Class C State in Great Falls. Starting on Thursday the M-ettes play at 10:30am against the Florence Falcons and the North Country Mavericks will play the Roberts Rockets at 12:00pm.

If you missed Coaches Corner this week on the air, no worries you can click on the links below to listen to each coach!!


Season is over.


Rhei and Coach Hammond discussed how the girls did at each game in the Divisionals Tournament. He talks about statistics for his players, what the girls did well and what they struggled with. Also how the Challenge game works between Poplar and Chinook and how that will affect the state bracket. Coach Hammond also went over the mindset of the girls heading into state and what to expect for the first 2 games.

Mustang Wrestling

Season is over.

Dodson Coyotes

Season is over.