Coaches Corner

Tuesday 2/21/24 @6:05pm

Wednesday 2/22/24 @3:30pm

This week on Coaches Corner Rhei visits with the coaches from Malta Mustangs and Mettes basketball. Along with the coach of the boys and girls basketball of the Dodson Coyotes.

This week the Malta Mustangs start playing in the Boys Northern B Divisional Tournament this Thursday in Malta.

If you missed Coaches Corner this week on the air, no worries you can click on the links below to listen to each coach!!


Coach Costin went over all the games at District Tournament in Wolf Point and spoke about how they did and what they needed to work on in preparing for Divisionals this week. He also stated that his team is fighting sickness and trying to overcome health issues.


Rhei and Coach Hammond discussed statistics of the games at the District Tournament at Wolf Point. He goes over how close the game was in the championship and what they needed to work on this week in practice in preparing for the Divisional Tournament next week in Conrad.

Mustang Wrestling

Season is over.

Dodson Coyotes

The Dodson head coach Clayton Killeagle spoke on how both the boys and girls did in Glasgow at their District Tournament. He goes over statistics and how this season has been for both teams. He also talked about what the team will focus on in the off season and is hopeful for the next season with such young teams. Coach Killeagle is still unknown if he will return to be the coach for both the boys and the girls.